is a brand that derives its strenght from its origins. Born in Tuscany during 2009,
TVSCIA is influenced from its own territory and from far away cultures, interpreting the contemporary style in its very own personal way.

The project spurs from the necessity of the two stylists to create and express themselves, venturing in the challenge to show how an immaculate eye can beautifully reinterpret something that has always been defined as a “classic”,
giving birth to an incredibly modern “total look”.

There is the strong desire to see different women express their femininity with personality, and without the need of ostentation.
The contaminations that nourish the brand mix rock and punk in a sensual and sophisticated manner, still sober in its appearance.


selects volumes in order to create a perfect equilibrium that mixes the oversized with the skinny, the 80’s with the 90’s,
by using fabrics that underline both elegance and casual every day life.

woman loves being noticed without the need of shouting out loud; she believes that elegance appears in subtleties,
details or an original combination of different elements.
She is a woman that delicately enters a man’s mind luring his sensibility to a more feminine point of view.